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Head and Neck Surgery

  • Thyroid disease and surgeryan enlarged thyroid or lump in the thyroid should be evaluated by a specialist to look for cancer as most thyroid cancer has a very good prognosis when detected early
  • Parathyroid surgerythe parathyroids are glands near the thyroid gland that control calcium levels in the blood. Occasionally one or more glands can produce too much hormone causing problems like kidney stones, stomach ulcers, or weak bones. The problem parathyroid is removed surgically.
  • Head and neck cancer strides have been made in the treatment of head and neck cancer in the past 2 decades. Three weeks of hoarseness, trouble swallowing, a sore throat, or a lump in the neck may be nothing significant but should be evaluated by an ENT physician to look for a more serious cause.
  • Congenital neck masssometimes a person can be born with a "mass" in the neck. Often this does not become noticable or become a problem until later in life. These usually require surgical removal
  • Salivary gland disease and surgerythe salivary glands surround the oral cavity in the upper neck and the side of the face. They can become infected often or even contain a growth. Both of these conditions may require surgery to remove the gland