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Laryngology-Voice and Swallowing Disorders

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There are many diseases that affect both the voice and the swallowing mechanism. Some patients may notice a weak, raspy, or breathy sounding voice while other may have difficulty swallowing. These diseases can be as simple as acid reflux causing irritation and inflammation of the vocal cords or as serious as a cancer growing on the voice box.  A range of other disorders such as a weak or paralyzed vocal cord, nodules, polyps, and functional voice problems can also be linked to troublesome symptoms experienced by patients.

Drs. Ruggiero and Herrero may use an extremely high quality endoscope to examine your larynx. The videostroboscope allows your doctors to evaluate and detect very subtle pathology that is sometimes not evident on routine endoscopy.  This technology facilitates accurate diagnosis which will help your doctors generate a personalized treatment plan which may include medications, voice/swallow therapy, surgery, or a combination of all.